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Our Story

Lili, a French artiste and designer, crafted the first table in 2010 for her own use. Following requests from designers, Lili authorized L'Atelier du Meuble to offer this collection. 


Based in Maryland L'Atelier du Meuble was formed out of a passion for wine and the wine making process by Eric an French/US citizen who live in MD with over 20 years in the wine industry.

Each handcrafted pupitre comes from a vineyard in Champagne, France. We hand select each piece and consider the entire process to be a work of art. We invite you to own a piece of Champagne-making history, a genuine work of art. 


Ordering Process

As soon as we receive your deposit, Lili who is located in France will activate her network to find a pupitre. During this time, an artisan blacksmith will make the feet of your table. Once your table is made, it will be sent to the US at our Maryland staging area where we will inspect and finalize your order.

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